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Prince of Tennis doujinshi
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This community is solely for the purpose of sharing, translating, and/or scanlating Prince of Tennis doujinshi. Since a lot of people in this fandom do that sort of thing, I thought it would make sense if there was a community for it. Any other fanworks such as fanart or fanfiction, as well as general posts still in relation to the Tenipuri fandom can be posted elsewhere (see comm list at the bottom) but obviously you should still post a Tenipuri doujinshi that you drew yourself.

When posting scans, please use this form--
Title: (and link to the doujinshi)(see below for mini-tutorial if you don't know how to link stuff)
Any notes or whatever else you want to include, go right ahead. You can use the lj-cut (see below for mini-tutorial on that) for large amounts of text such as translations, or images over 300px in any direction. PLEASE MAKE SURE ANY IMAGES POSTED OUTSIDE OF A CUT TAG ARE WORK/CHILD SAFE. If you want someone to be able to translate your scans, I'd recommend that you leave them large in size, so the translator is able to see all text. Also, if you're like me and can't read kanji very well (or at all) and are unable to fill out the title/circle, don't worry about it. I'm sure someone will leave a comment to help you out.

Which brings me to the next thing. I know it hardly needs to be said because the Tenipuri fandom is great like that, but if you download a doujinshi, translation, or scanlation, please leave a comment of thanks. The wonderful people who contribute to this community deserve it because scanning and translating requires so much time and patience.

Also, despite this being a source for downloading doujinshi, please support the original artists and buy the doujinshi if you're able. Another important thing, DO NOT request stuff. This place is for posting scans, translations, and scanlations, rather than making requests for such. Any posts that break this rule will be deleted. Although I wouldn't really recommend it, if you want someone to scan/translate stuff, go bug them off the community.

Don't know how to use html/lj codes?
[lj-cut text="read more"]insert the large amounts of text here[/lj-cut]
(but replace [] with <> if you want it to work)
Lj username--
[lj user="username"]
(but replace [] with <> if you want it to work)
Linking to files--
[a href="http://www.addressofthefile.com/file.zip"]Title of doujinshi[/a]
(but replace [] with <> if you want it to work)
Direct-linking pictures (which you'd better put behind an lj-cut!)--
[img src="http://www.addressofthefile.com/picture.jpg"]
(but replace [] with <> if you want it to work)

Lastly, this community was created and is moderated by akari_sama and pyroh

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